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Do you run a business? Do you find yourself running out of time to complete all the little things that come with it? Would you like to make more time to focus on business development, spend more time with your family and friends or just free up some time for yourself? Then you have come to the right place…

I can help you plan those big ideas you have been dreaming of for your business and assist with the administration tasks that you haven’t had time to do. My services cover a range of areas including marketing, administration and design. Whether you are just starting out or already have an established business that is growing fast – I would love to help you turn dreams into realities and your time into money.


PolicyBee professional insurance broker

Aimee confidently embraced the role of ‘Business Manager’ for our new menopausal skincare brand, Stratum C.

She worked closely with our two founder members/company directors and also with our book-keeper. Aimee brought a professional approach to the position and was enthusiastic and hard working. She took pride in over seeing an excellent customer service and has exceptional people skills. Aimee’s adaptability enabled her to deal with both private clients on the telephone and trade customers in face to face meetings; always with a friendly and personable manner.

Aimee also put her graphic design skills to good use, in working closely with the brand logo and packaging design team and in producing the design work for our own range of bespoke marketing materials and web pages. In addition to this, Aimee took responsibility for all our social media, researching and selecting relevant articles and information to support our niche market of menopausal women.

This experience has clearly stood her in good stead to support a range of businesses in their marketing/design and social media.

Kerry Shorrock-Kelly, Forme Labs

“Aimee is a breath of fresh air with her ideas and creativity and we love
having her as part of the Body Fabulous Team. Aimee’s experience in PR and
marketing within health & wellbeing mean she brings a fabulous healthy take
to our campaigns and events and she has been a welcome asset as our Press &
PR Manager. Aimee is able to work remotely and be flexible with her time
which allows a small company like ourselves the chance to grow organically.”

Amie Richmond, Owner of Body Fabulous